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C.E.C products

Yamaha Introduces Two Flagship Separate Components

Drawing on the spirit of uncompromising design and technological integrity manifested by the Z11 flagship receiver, the CX-A5000 and MX-A5000 are created.
They are here provide to deliver not only great sound quality but also the capability to achieve the best possible performance from any source.


Yamaha new Flagship Hi-Fi model S3000

Yamaha proudly offers this new high-end lineup, the 3000 series, delivering supreme quality in every way. This is the manifestation of our passion to give music lovers the ultimate in listening enjoyment—a tradition we've been carrying on and advancing for more than 125 years.

The Best Stereo Amplifer and CD Player from Roksan, Caspian M2 , 5 Stars awards winner in the "What Hi-Fi?" magazine is here in our showroom!
Roksan Caspian CD Player
Roksan Caspian Amp
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  1. QAcoustics Q7000
  2. System Audio SAXO 1
  3. OPPO BDP-105