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*Sizzling* Micro Systems

Marantz Micro Receiver *MCR-611*

Enjoy music from CD, USB drive or smartphone via Bluetooth & Wifi
With a high-gloss jet-black finish and organically curved side panels
the immediate impression is style and elegance


*Sizzling* Micro Systems

Yamaha Deskstop System *ISX-80*

Interior art through music whether wall-mounted
Compatibility with streaming services
Yamaha’s new system MusicCast means more ways to enjoy music


*Sizzling* Micro Systems

Yamaha Deskstop System *WX-030*

Wi-Fi-enabled streaming speaker
Compatible with MusicCast,
Deliver music whenever and wherever you like.

*Sizzling* Micro Systems

Yamaha Micro Systems *A-670 + CD Player*

Casual, yet elegant. A truly HiFi system designed and fine-tuned for optimum performance.

*Sizzling* Micro Systems

Yamaha Micro Systems *CRX-N560*

Network compatible system that greatly expands audio enjoyment. Playback high resolution sound sources, this HiFi system combines elegant design with high quality sound.

*Sizzling* Micro Systems

Sony Micro Systems *MAP-S1*

The new device has been designed to fit on your shelf or bookcase and boasts a 100W amplifier, a CD and a tuner. It'll also let you stream digitally stored music on your computer or online.