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**BEST DEAL**System Audio Speaker *SA Mantra 60*

SA mantra 60 is made for people who require top quality entertainment at home. You get close to the artists you love and get an intense experience of all kinds of music or movies.

A pair of floorstanding speaker with a 2 year warranty, made in Denmark !!!!


SA mantra 60 represents a fresh and different approach to your experience of sound. Our idea is to bring you closer to the artists you love. You must have a feeling of being close to the music. Therefore we work with technologies, materials and methods that gives you this experience, whether you listen to pop, rock, classical or jazz or if you use the speakers in a home theatre where they are used for reproduction of the movie soundtrack. The difference can be heard by everyone and does not require expert knowledge. SA 60 mantra is not just a loudspeaker. It is an invitation.

It is the contrasts in the mantra, which attract attention. The loudspeaker has got a simple design, but the first time you lift SA mantra 60, you notice its weight. Almost 22 kilograms. It tells you about the quality behind the attractive exterior. The loudspeaker is constructed of MDF with a thickness of between 18 and 48 mm. Inside, the cabinet is divided into eight chambers with angled sides, to avoid standing waves inside the speaker. Six of the eight chambers are connected to each other, while two are enclosed. One is a 3-liter sand chamber with access through the loudspeaker's base plate, while the second is the separate chamber for the midrange and tweeter. There are two different types of acoustic damping material inside the speaker. One type is glued on the sides of each of the six inner chambers, while the second type operates in the middle of the air mass in the speaker's midrange chamber. The loudspeaker's build-in electronics are designed as simple as possible, so nothing stands in the way of the audio signal.

In the top section of SA mantra you find a separate chamber for the midrange and tweeter, both designed specifically for SA mantra 60. the energy The loudspeaker hides a secret that causes most people to wonder. The four woofers with XL technology are only 11 cm in diameter each and still they have a bass performance with depth and dynamics that seems almost unnatural. What you hear is the very soul of SA. We demand a bass performance that is able to follow the rhythm of the music precisely. We also demand that the film's special effects are easy to hear. Therefore, we developed our small woofers with extremely light membranes, so they can reproduce the sound accurately and with great energy.

The presence of the excellent acoustics gives you an extraordinary experience and acoustic perfection is only one of our goals. When we develop our speakers we start far from the laboratories and measurement rooms. Our speakers are made to serve the people who choose to live with them. A number of leading acousticians have contributed work to SA mantra 60. It can be difficult to see. But you can't avoid hearing it.

The sound of the SA mantra 60 is radiated less against floor and ceiling than you're used to from normal speakers. You can clearly hear it. The fewer sound reflections helps to give you an experience of being close to the artists.

Use SA mantra 60 with a music system or a home theatre of good quality, where the amplifier's output is at least 50 watts. Now, you are you ready for a new audio experience. If the amplifier is more powerful you will be rewarded with an even better sound quality and greater dynamic capability. 150 Watts is the maximum for most users of SA mantra 60. The loudspeaker has a relatively high sensitivity and will be able to play very loud with such an amplifier. It makes good sense to put the speaker together with an amplifier of a high quality, rather than just high power output. The quality of the amplifier is heard more clearly than its output power. Place the speakers with a mutual distance of 2.5 to 3 meters and with a distance of 15-30 cm from the back wall. The speakers should be pointing directly towards your favorite seat between speakers.

All SA speakers begin their life at Ole's table, and although some of the world's best experts in acoustics, mechanics and electronics are involved in the product development a new speaker is only put into production, when Ole happy with it. One of Ole's philosophies is about reduction in every sense of the word. On each loudspeaker you will see the reduction as an absence of decoration. Inside the speaker you see reduction as an obvious simplicity of the design. It is also reduction, which drives us to reduce the weight of the moving mass of our drive units, because it improves the sound. When we reduce the speaker's dependence of the room acoustics, it is also a way to use the philosophy. It is a waste of the user's resources to make things complicated. Simplification of every little detail optimizes the experience. In other words: less is more.

  • Frequency range: 40-35.000 Hz
  • Power handling: 250 Watts
  • Impedance: 4-8 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 89 dB
  • Recommended amplifier: min. 50 Watts
  • Magnetically shielded:: yes
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) cm: 14.5x113x27.5
  • Finishes : Ebony
  • **BEST DEAL**System Audio Speaker *SA Mantra 60* S$5,100.00
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