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QED Performance Series *PCV 3m*

QED P-CV1 is a high quality component video cable available with Phono connectors that provides excellent quality with an affordable price.

A Cable with life-time warranty !!!!


As with the entire QED range, this cable has been carefully designed to ensure excellent clarity, maximum detail, impeccable colour and solid sound. The double screened cable and shielded plugs provide high levels of protection against interference. The custom designed plugs with gold plated contracts ensure improved long-term performance, while 28 AWG conductors provide superior signal integrity over the 2m cable run. If you want to experience high-definition video without risking any loss in quality, this is the component cable you require.

  • WHAT HI-FI? AWARDS `04 *****

  • A mightily impressive showing from a component cable that's undoubtedly the best in its mid-market class - this is the kind of product to make the best of your prog scan pictures".

  • WHAT HI-FI? AWARDS `05 *****

  • "The detail and resolution are unbeatable at the price, as is the convincingly three-dimensional overall picture. A vibrant colour balance and good contrast add to the impression of excellent value for money".

  • WHAT HI-FI? AWARDS `06 *****

  • "This is the best-value component cable we know. Ask the P-CV1 to deliver prograssively-scanned images, and the results will be pin-sharp and rendered with rich, natural colours. Noise levels are low, and even that tough nut, black-level definition, is dealt with confidently".

  • WHAT HI-FI? Nov `07 *****

  • "If you need component video connections this QED cable is the best you'll find. Excellent!"

  • 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper conductors
  • Co-axial construction optimised for true 75Ω Impedance
  • Triple electrical screening for enhanced signal integrity
  • 24K gold plated RCA connectors
  • Precision engineered plug with integrated grip
  • QED Performance Series *PCV 3m* S$260.00
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