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Stereo Integrated Amplifer
Myryad Stereo Integrated Amplifier *Z-240*

The new dynamic, 50 Watts per channel Z240 amplifier boasts a luxuriously thick ‘Z200’ fine-textured aluminium facia. Its white LED indicators complement the uncluttered styling to produce a sophistic

A Stereo Integrated Amplifier with a 1 year agent warranty, made in China !!!!


The Z240 delivers extended, weighty and controlled bass, open and detailed mid-range, and refined top-end air and sweetness.

In order to achieve the ultimate performance at such a competitive price the Z240 has been meticulously engineered. The selected line input signal is sent directly to a high quality motorized volume control and thence directly to the input of a high gain power amplifier via just a single low-loss film capacitor. This configuration ensures the shortest possible signal path and minimum degradation of the audio signal, but it needs an excellent power amplifier.

The Z240’s power amplifier, with its DC5 (*) circuit configuration easily meets this need. From its wideband complementary push-pull input stage through to the triple emitter follower output stage every detail of the power amplifier is optimally designed for its task. The power supply and power amplifier are of equal importance.

The Z240 power supply uses a massive custom-designed toroidal power transformer (weighing 2.2kg), discrete “soft recovery” ultra-fast rectifier diodes and high-value reservoir capacitors (totalling 20,000µF) enabling it to deliver, via the amplifier, whatever current the loudspeaker load demands.

Finally, to make absolutely certain that the sensitive parts of the amplifier are not disturbed by noise or distortion from the power supplies, each channel of the power amplifier, apart from the high current output stages, is fed from its own high-isolation regulated power supply.

The loudspeaker connectors are substantial gold-plated solid metal 5-way binding posts, wired directly to the power amplifier outputs via top quality loudspeaker cable (QED ‘Silver Anniversary XT’). A “Bi-Amp” output is provided for driving a suitable power amplifier to build a bi-amplified system. The Bi-Amp output can also be used to drive a powered subwoofer.

The Z240 includes a low-noise phono preamplifier using close tolerance metal film resistors and polypropylene film/foil capacitors to provide precise and stable RIAA equalisation. Its sensitivity and headroom make it suitable for a wide range of Moving Magnet and “High-Output” Moving Coil cartridges. A rear panel push switch allows the phono preamp to be switched out of circuit if desired, providing a sixth line input.

  • Continuous rated power output(< 0.1% THD) - 50Watts RMS
  • Inputs - Tape 1, Tape 2, CD, NET, Tuner, Phono
  • Signal/Noise ratio(A weighted, ref. 50W) - 102dB
  • Input sensitivity (ref 50W) - Line inputs:250mV, Phono input:2.5mV
  • Frequency response (20Hz - 20kHz) - ±0.3dB
  • Dimension (width x height x depth) - 436 x 78 x 316 mm
  • Weight - 6.9kg
  • Finish: Black or Silver
  • Myryad Stereo Integrated Amplifier *Z-240*
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