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QAcoustics Wall Speaker Bracket *Q2000WB*

The bracket comes in a smart black finish and the cover plate is designed to screw perfectly into the bottom of any of the QAcoustics 2000/2000i speakers.

A Speaker Bracket with no warranty !!!! Made In China !!!!


Whether it's for stereo or a home cinema system, people are increasingly choosing to wall mount their speakers. But of course, they want a method of fixing that is simple to use, offers flexible positioning, hides the cables and looks great.

The new 2000WB is the ideal solution. It's a unique 'Tilt and Turn' loudspeaker bracket which is adjusted via a single Allen bolt and allows the 2010i, 2020i and 2000Ci models to be mounted almost flat to the wall or angled down and/or sideways. Unusually, each bracket comes complete with a matching bottom plate that neatly covers all the terminals and cables for a perfect visual finish.

QAcoustics Wall Speaker Bracket *Q2000WB*
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