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Accessories - Digital/Optical/USB Cables
QED Performance Optical Cable 2m

Performance Optical Audio is a reference all-purpose optical digital interconnect, ideal for use between a CD transport and DAC or in high quality audio visual applications.

A Cable with life-time warranty !!!!


Naturally the 'new' Performance range has the same dedication to science and system enhancement everyone expects from QED. Exciting advancements include a new precision engineered plug, enhanced cable geometry and brand focused 'user friendly' packaging.

QED Performance cables are designed to deliver extremely high quality performance in installations where very small cables are required. For example, where space is extremely limited or where conventional cables would be visually obtrusive.

No-compromise design and build process demands a medical grade fibre optic core polished at both ends for maximum light signal transfer. This is shrouded with a durable, flexible metallic graphite-grey PVC jacket which protects the fibre optic core from damage. Performance Optical Audio utilises precision moulded plugs with spring-loaded tips and zinc-plated barrels. These features improve optical alignment and optimise the accurate transfer of digital pulses. The result is higher resolution, sharper focus and more music.

  • WHAT HI-FI? Jun `08 ****

  • Another cable we've reviewed before, the QED continues to impress. It's robustly constructed, and looks and feels every inch the part. In action, it's an intriguing listen: there's admirable transparency with complex rhythms or atmospheric tracks, and an expressive, detailed feel with voices. However, the slight reticence to big dynamics, coupled to subdued bass next to some rivals, means this is a good rather than great cable.

  • Medical grade fibre optic core
  • Protective PVC outer jacket
  • 24K gold plated Toslink connectors
  • Precision engineered plug with integrated grip
  • QED Performance Optical Cable 2m S$140.00
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