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QAcoustics Bookshelf Speaker *Q2010i*

This ultra compact bookshelf speaker sets new standards for sonic performance in its class. Boasting class leading distortion levels, it is suitable for both hi-fi music and home cinema use.

A pair of bookshelf speaker with a 1 year warranty, made in China !!!!


  • Hi-Fi Choice Mar`2010 *****

  • "Tiny Dynamite", "Stunning musicality, alongside remarkable power handling", "I was blown away by the musical integrity and sheer entertainment they deliver", "it is far better than it has any right to be", "it’s superb".

  • What Hi-Fi Jan`2012 *****

  • "Sound a lot like their bigger brothers, the award winning 2020is." "There's the same combination of refinement and increased level of attack, and a similar degree of insight into recordings." "At this price and size level there's little around that can worry the 2010is."

  • What Hi-Fi Awards '2013 Best Buy

  • "Refined yet entertaining; impressive resolution; well-judged tonal balance", "They’ll work quite happily at the end of a Denon D-M39 micro system, but if you stretch your budget to the likes of Marantz’s 6005 CD/amplifier combination you’ll find these speakers deliver a brilliant performance for the money", "Few rivals sound so composed and detailed yet – thanks to a beautifully judged and refined balance – remain so unfussy about partnering equipment.".

    Evolved from the awarding winning 2010, the Q Acoustics 2010i (the i stands for improved) bookshelf or standmount speakers are stylish, well-designed, robustly built and great sounding. With their affordable price tag, they are perfect for use with entry-level separates and micro systems.

    Their two way configuration allows these compact speakers to deliver an impressively detailed sound that is equally suitable for both hifi and home cinema. This is largely due to the advanced driver technology. The 2010is feature multi-layer cone tweeters with 'super-decoupling' from the speaker's baffle and carbon fibre and ceramic coated paper cone woofers, both of which deliver amazing low levels of distortion. The result of this technology is a soundstage which is clean, spacious and detailed with impressive stereo imaging.

    The speakers also feature an innovative connection system. Instead of terminals protruding from the rear of the speaker in the conventional manner, the 2010is' terminals are located in a recessed panel on the bottom of the speaker. This means the speakers can be mounted flat up against the wall using the separately available wall bracket which also gives tilt and turn movement.

    These delightful speakers will entertain for hours at a time with their sweet and open sound.

  • Drive units : (1) 3.5" CPC mid/bass, (1) 1" tweeter
  • Frequency response : 68Hz - 22kHz
  • Sensitivity : 86dB
  • Nominal impedance : 4 - 6 Ohms
  • Recommended amplifier: 15 - 75w
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) cm: 15 x 23.5 x 20.3
  • Weight : 3.5kg
  • Finishes : Gloss Black or Gloss White
  • QAcoustics Bookshelf Speaker *Q2010i*
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