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QED Broadcasting Series *BNC 5m*

This high quality cable is designed for use with high quality TV receivers, FM and DAB tuners, etc. Male to Female co-axial connectors or F-type to F-Type.

A Cable with life-time warranty !!!!


Qunex Broadcast Receiver Cables replace standard “free-out-of-the-box” aerial cables which commonly connect AV equipment to the wall socket. The feeder cable in the wall is usually of a reasonable standard, but it is not flexible and rejects only minimal background interference, since the normal external environment is much less hostile than that behind the receiver equipment stack. However, the entire aerial cabling system is seriously compromised when anything other than an accurate 75 Ohm fly lead attaches the receiver to the wall socket.

By using high purity Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper conductors and precise dielectric geometry Qunex Broadcast Receiver Cables conform within a 0.04% tolerance to the optimum 75 Ohm specification. Such accuracy ensures full signal transfer by eliminating unwanted reflections at the critical impedance change, when connecting between the aerial system and the AV equipment. Impedance mis-matches "reflect" energy back to the aerial, causing noisy reception or snowy pictures and multiple vertical edges.

The most interference-prone area is behind the AV / Hi-Fi equipment. A high quality Aluminium Mylar Foil wrap encircles the centre conductor before dual Silver Plated Copper braids are added to ensure that Qunex Broadcast Receiver Cables achieve the highest possible levels of immunity from electromagnetic interference. This means the tiny transmission signal remains undisturbed by mains spikes, switch mode power supplies and circuit breakers. This is essential for aerial applications, as the signal can be a million times smaller than loudspeaker level. Broadcast Receiver Cable signal rejection is more than 32dB better than a typical coaxial aerial cable - 40 times better, in fact! This magnitude of noise immunity renders a more stable image, with less patterning or shimmering, and excellent clarity and edge definition.

  • WHAT HI-FI? AWARDS `04 *****

  • "Still got that ancient excuse for an aerial cable? Try an upgrade with this little beauty. Pictures become natural, vivid and colourful, while the TTV also helps to reduce onscreen noise."

  • WHAT HI-FI? AWARDS `05 *****

  • "The Qunex TTV so effectively tames on-screen noise and defines edges so much more efficiently. If you want to see the money you spent on that TV, you need this".

  • WHAT HI-FI? AWARDS `06 *****

  • Considering how much TVs cost, it's a real shame that most people use the freebie leads that come with the set. This QED aerial cable improves off-air performance significantly in all areas. If you really want to see what your TV can do, it's a great investment."

  • Silver Plated 99.999% OFC Core
  • Extruded Foamed PolyEthylene
  • Aluminium Mylar Foil
  • Double Layer Silver Plated 99.999% OFC Braids
  • Outer Jacket Translucent PVC
  • QED Broadcasting Series *BNC 5m* S$420.00
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