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Accessories - HDMI Cables
True Colours Industries - *HDMI 1m*

high-purity linear crystal oxygen-free conductors with multi-layer shielding,high speed 1080p performance,1080P video and high-resolution audio

Accessories - HDMI Cables with a Life Time Warranty, made in United Kingdom !!!!


True Colours Industries 1m TCI Copperhead Lite HDMI

  • What HIFI July 12 2007

The new HDMI cable from True Colours Industries is unusual in that it doesn't claim to deliver superior picture or sound in runs that would let you put your projector down the other end of the garden.

Instead, Copperhead Lite is designed for short runs, such as those from a Sky HD box or Blu-ray/HD DVD player to an AV receiver or TV.

The cable uses high-purity linear crystal oxygen-free conductors with multi-layer shielding, and conforms to the requirements of HDMI V1.3a, meaning it will carry 1080P video and high-resolution audio.

TCI Manufacture some of the best performing HDMI cables available. All of them offer high speed 1080p performance, True Colours continue to design class leading cables that will enhance both the sound and picture of your Hi-Fi and Home Cinema systems

  • Digital LeadsTrue Colours Industries have designed a range of class leading HDMI cables that perform far above their price bracket. TCI Copperhead & Copperhead lite, not only give the best performance, but also to act as a reference against which other manufacturers are judged.
  • AV Leads
  • TCI's range of HDMI cables and Analogue AV cables have continued to push distance boundaries for how far a High Speed Category 2 Digital can be transmitted without visual degradation.

True Colours Industries - *HDMI 1m* S$160.00
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