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QED Signature Series *AS-SIG 1m*

QED, the UK's leading producer of specialist hi-fi and video cables for more than three decades, is pleased to introduce 'QED Signature Audio S', its best ever audio interconnect.

A Cable with life-time warranty !!!!


QED Signature Audio S cable is a stereo interconnect which has been designed to offer the highest levels of performance. QED really have put all their technological know how into producing the very best they can offer and it show. From the moment you see the cable you notice that the Signature Audio S cable means business. Supple in design and a quality feel, which you only see at this level. Using the highest standards of tri-parallel geometrically with dual electromagnetic outer screening, isolate all interference to maximise that perfect audio sound.

The true high-end performance of the new cable is attained by deploying six conductors in a twisted, quasi-balanced geometry for both signal and return, resulting in a significant reduction in magnetically induced distortion. In addition, using three pairs of parallel conductors effectively reduces the self inductance, improving the high frequency response when used with low input impedance equipment. The cable's silver plating provides a useful improvement in resistance at the periphery of the conductors, where high frequency current densities are greatest due to the skin effect. Outstanding 'voltage spike induced noise rejection' is achieved by the use of a tightly woven outer shielding braid and aluminised Mylar wrap, which provide a 100% electrostatic screen. Naturally, to optimise both screening and signal integrity, the screen is not used for the signal return path.

QED have also developed a brand new Signature S plug, which fits cleanly with a positive feel to the audio interconnect on to your separates piece of audio equipment and complete the journey QED Signature Audio interconnect.

For those who simply want the best, the new Signature Series are luxuriously presented, as befits products of this quality and are the perfect complement for true high-end components.


  • "Deep bass is quite lovely, with great impact but no shortage of control where needed and, as a result, excellent tunefulness!"

  • WHAT HI-FI? SEPT `09 *****

  • "Sonically, the Audio S gives you an open, expansive sound, coupled with a wide soundstage.Dynamically too, this cable packs a punch and there's real poise there as well to round things off nicely."

  • Silver Plated 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors
  • Foamed polyethylene dielectric
  • Tri-parallel conductor geometry with dual layer electrostatic screen
  • 8 leaf Rhodium plated Signature RCA plugs with aluminium shell
  • QED Signature Series *AS-SIG 1m*
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