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QED Original (Sold as Per Meter)

This is fantastic low cost, high performance solution for Hi-Fi and Home Theatre systems, a fantastic buy in our view!

As its name suggests, this was the first cable to benefit from the Genesis research and has won continued international acclaim. Its exceptional musical qualities are no accident.

The QED Original has a genuine low impedance design with minimal signal leakage, its low density polyethylene dielectric, 99.999% oxygen free copper conductors and optimised geometry substantially reduce conductor interaction and signal distortion, and contribute to the superb sound quality of this low cost cable.

To perform as the designer intended, the cable needs to have the very best termination, as sound quality can be adversely affected by using inferior connectors. A solder-free, airtight perfect fusion between the two metals of cable and plug. This 'cold weld' method allows the cable and plug to offer the optimum signal transfer and therefore, better sound quality. It also reduces contact resistance and ensures perfect long-term performance. Even more, a heat shrink will be covered in between the cable and the plug to offer less oxidation.

  • WHAT HI-FI MAY'05 *****

  • "You'll quickly realise that the Original is a talented cable. It delivers a beautifully detailed sound. It's a clear step up in quality with the best budget cables. If your system warrants this kind of cable, you won't be disappointed."

  • Internationally acclaimed award winning cable design
  • Geometry optimised for low dissipation factor and inter conductor leakage
  • 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper conductors
  • High performance low-density polyethylene insulation
  • Genuine low impedance design make this cable ideal for long runs
  • Size: 3.6 x 7.0mm for cable
  • Terminated with 24K Gold Plated Banana Plugs(Optional)
  • QED Original (Sold as Per Meter) S$10.00
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