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Stereo Integrated Amplifer
**BEST DEAL**Myryad Integrated Amplifer *MXI-2080*

Sounds spectacular, regardless of musical style. Its sets new sonic standards at its price, managing to pound out timpani in truly muscular fashion. A remarkable amplifier.

An amplifer with a 1 year warranty, made in UK !!!!


The Myryad MXI2080 Stereo Integrated Amplifiers have been designed to deliver a combination of high quality sound reproduction and elegant styling. This Owner's Manual applies to both models as they operate in exactly the same way. Where relevant in the following text the term ``MXI'' is used to refer to both models.MXI amplifiers can accept up to eight line­level input sources, including two tape recorders. Outputs are provided for one pair of loudspeakers. All functions can be operated using the infra­red remote control handset supplied. This remote can also control Myryad CD players, Tuners and DVD players.


  • Myryad’s new 2 x 80 watt baby offers refinement aplenty…Clean measurements reflected in clean sound. Clean, and also very assured…This has every appearance of being a real all-rounder of an amplifier, happy with any musical style and content too…A hearty recommendation, then, for a well designed and tastefully presented amplifier.

  • MXI2080 WHAT HI-FI? JULY '05 *****

  • It seems that every specialist hi-fi or home cinema magazine you open these days contains another rave review of a Myryad product. We're very pleased to announce that the July 2005 issue of What Hi-Fi? Magazine is no exception. They review the Myryad MXI 2080 amplifier and are fulsome in their praise.

  • Myryad MXI2080 Wins What Hi-Fi? Supertest!

  • What Hi-Fi? Magazine (September 2005) tests seven high quality amplifiers between £950 and £1325. The clear winner is the outstanding Myryad MXI 2080 "We have a new top dog in this prestigious category of hi-fi product, and what an amp it is! It delivers music with such honesty that you'll be lavishing it with praise for years to come."

  • Continuous rated power output, stereo 8Ω: 80W 4Ω:120W
  • THD: @ 80% rated power, 8 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz: 0.02%
  • Signal/Noise ratio: (A-weighted, ref 80W): >107dB
  • Inputs: Line Direct, Tape, CD-R, CD, Tuner, TV, DVD, Aux
  • Input sensitivity (ref 80W): 320mV (user trimmable 160-640mV)
  • Input impedance: 22kΩ/200pf
  • Frequency response: (20Hz - 20kHz) ±0.2dB (-2dB @ 96kHz)
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): 436 x 95 x 355mm
  • Weight (net): 11.0 kg
  • Finishes : Satin Black fascia with Black casing
  • **BEST DEAL**Myryad Integrated Amplifer *MXI-2080*
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