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High Performance AVENTAGE Series of AV Receivers By

We are proud to introduce you the AVENTAGE Series of high-performance AV receivers

The AVENTAGE Series consist of this 4 models. RX-A3010, RX-A2010, RX-A1010 and RX-A810

So what make them so SPECIAL?

1. A.R.T. Wedge Helps to Ensure that Vibrations Do Not Affect Sound Quality

The A.R.T. (Anti-Resonance Technology) Wedge is a fifth foot in the center of the unit. It dampens vibrations from the power transformer, power transistors and heat sinks, as well as vibrations that might be caused by the sound from the speakers.

2. Aluminum Front Panel Offers Visual and Aural Benefits

All of the AVENTAGE components feature the same sleek, clean design, with an elegant aluminum front panel and silky touch volume/selector knobs.
The aluminum front panel is used to effectively shield sensitive circuitry from external noise and electronic radiation generated by dimmer switches, fluorescent lighting, video monitors and so on. This ensures optimum sonic performance in the widest range of installation environments.

3. CINEMA DSP HD3, CINEMA DSP 3D and Virtual Presence Speaker Provide Unrivaled Surround Sound Performance

CINEMA DSP HD3 literally takes the surround sound experience to new heights. By using four CINEMA DSP engines with advanced 3D processing and two front presence channels in a 9.2-channel configuration, it gives the sound field an enhanced vertical dimension for more realistic and exciting movie sound.
CINEMA DSP 3D programs use nine channels to create wide, high and dense sound fields for sensational surround sound.
The Virtual Presence Speaker function lets you select a CINEMA DSP 3D program and enjoy three-dimensional sound even without the usual two presence speakers.

4. Network Functions Allow More Sources, Efficient Control

The Yamaha AV Receivers let you connect to a PC for access to Internet Radio, music streaming services, and stored music files.
You can also control operation via a web browser from the PC or a PDA. They support the AV Controller app for operating various functions from an iPhone or iPad, and an Android app will also become available. In addition, they are DLNA 1.5 certified.

5. AV Controller App for Easy, Convenient Operation

This AV Receiver lets you use the Yamaha AV Controller app that is downloadable from the iTunes App Store to control power on/off and volume, select input and DSP modes and operate other functions from an iPhone, iPad and other devices. An Android app will be available in the coming months.

6. Advanced Multi-Language GUI On-Screen Display

Yamaha’s latest Graphical User Interface has a high resolution display with clear, easy-to-use menus and also includes a selectable Status Bar that shows input source, volume level, DSP mode and audio format.
The GUI provides a choice of six languages: Russian, English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese, and can be displayed over both normal and 3D pictures.

Specifications of the model:
Yamaha A/V Receiver *RX-A810*

(We will post the reminding model once it launch.)

Videos of how Aventage was born
AVENTAGE Developer's Story 1 - YouTube
AVENTAGE Developer's Story 2 - YouTube
AVENTAGE Developer's Story 3 - YouTube

Source from Yamaha Music (Asia)



Myryad (UK) is back in Singapore….

Whether for home theatre or pure audio, every piece of Myryad equipment has been evolved and refined to delight with timeless style and outstanding performance. We put in the intelligent engineering so you can take out the pure enjoyment.

The design of a good-sounding amplifier, or any hi-fi product, requires careful attention to many details. If just one key feature is overlooked it could turn a great product into a mediocre one. The designer must always design the product as a whole and not focus too much any one 'favourite' area.

Careful and precise engineering can take you 90% of the way to a top design and without it the design will fail. But it is the final 10% which distinguishes the best hi-fi marques. Experience and a deep understanding of the critical aspects of an amplifier's performance lead to the best circuit topologies and physical layout. Again, looking at the product as a whole is important. An amplifier and its power supply are one - and must be designed as such.

The final subtleties of tonal balance musicality and soundstaging, which distinguish even the best amplifiers, can be influenced by component type and quality. Although the primary specification of all components must be to meet engineering requirements, that still leaves a great deal of choice available to the designer. For instance, Myryad's use of precision metal film resistors and polypropylene film capacitors - even in its budget products in key locations - is based on many hours of listening. The use of parts such as these make a significant contribution to the open and transparent yet warm and musical sound exhibited by all Myryad's products.

This design philosophy is applied equally to all Myryad's products, from the least to the most expensive. In a budget amplifier the cost constraints are more onerous and the quality of the sound must be compatible with lower cost sources and loudspeakers. At the high-end an amplifier must perform impeccably with the most detailed sources and the most transparent (and often taxing) loudspeakers while still meeting the approval of the critical ears of the high-end listener. In either case the same design philosophy guides all Myryad products to ensure they sound and look beautiful.


World's first "APPROVED" HDMI cables launched by Supra ( Sweden )

If you've recently purchased a new DVD player by Arcam, Denon, Meridian , Yamaha or Pioneer recently and have a HD ready display device, you're one link away from maximizing the potential of your equipment...


This link comes in the form of the Supra HDMI cable...The only cable you'll need to transfer uncompressed digital audio and video signals from your digital media.

We know there are alot of choices out there, but Supra will 100% guarantee universal compatibility with all equipment sporting the HDMI logo.

"WHY SUPRA?"...because they are the 'only' cable manufacturer in the World to receive official certification from Silicon Images (co-founders of the HDMI specification).

"WHY IS THIS CERTIFICATION IMPORTANT?"... Varying from one brand to another, the quality of the digital signal over longer lengths of 10m or more can be compromised, resulting in an image that can be unstable.
The construction methods used by Supra and the quality of the materials used ensure a 100% certified signal for lengths upto as long as 12 metres! This certification includes the transfer of High Bandwidth Video signals up to 1080i as well as 7.1 multi-channel surround sound.

You will note that few other "specialist" cable companies are so licensed, as many buy their cables from third party sources and then pay to have their own branding applied onto some-one else's cables.

For more technical information on HDMI and DVI Cables, Click Here.

For the latest downloadable Supra Catalogue, Click Here.

Supra's full line of HDMI and DVI cables and adapters are now available at Unilet Sound and Vision (Moose not included, but optional). Contact Us for more details.


Densen debuts its most powerful amplifier

Danish company Densen has announced a range-topping integrated amplifier, the most powerful model the company has ever made.

The £6800 B-175 delivers 125W per channel into 8ohms, doubling that output into a 4ohm load, and is said to draw heavily on the range-topping B-250 preamplifier and B-350 monobloc power amps.

In fact, even the exterior design is taken from those components: Densen says that the new amp "has the fascia of the B-250 preamp, and combines this with the brute and forceful cabinet of the B-350 monobloc with its recessed heat sinks".

With typical candour the company admits that some corners have been cut to shoehorn the amps into a single case and achieve the price, but it says the sound quality has remained a paramount consideration throughout the design process.

The power supply uses an encapsulated toroidal transformer, with separate outputs for each section of the amp, and custom-made capacitors are used throughout, including Densen's own film capacitors, tailor-made for the company's designs.

The recessed heatsinks allow the amplifier to be run in Class A for most of the power delivered for normal listening, and the internal wiring from the amplifier to the speaker terminals uses custom-made silver-coated wiring.

Volume adjustment is via a microprocessor-controlled attenuator, giving 0.5dB steps of increase and decrease using Vishay laser-trimmed resistors.

Options include a board to turn the preamp section into a 7.1-channel analogue pre, a dedicated MM or MC phono stage, Densen's DNRG external power supply and the company's SAXO active crossover, allowing the B-175 to be run with several power amps to drive suitable speakers.
The New Denmark Made Speakers in Town “System Audio”…..
a different idea about sound and technology
In a world where technologies and truths come and go like mayflies, the System Audio loudspeakers are based on a number of long-life ideas that last longer than the conventional technological fashion that will be forgotten tomorrow.

The sound is the most important thing for a loudspeaker. But the loudspeaker is against the natural laws like no of the other components in a system. In an amplifier, a DVD or a CD the signal consists of electrons that move very precisely and fast. But in loudspeaker membranes that move create the sound. The membranes of the loudspeaker weigh much more than electrons and this is one of the reasons why the sound loses a great deal of its precision in a loudspeaker. You might say that the loudspeaker is the slowest component in a system.

faster is better
A System Audio speaker is much faster than a conventional loudspeaker, because we use smaller and more lightweight membranes that weigh a quarter of normal piece of paper or less. A conventional speaker membrane weighs at least twice as much. Imagine what the speed means to the sound you hear.

better sound
Lightweight membranes react incredibly fast and reveal myriads of sound details, for which a big membrane is simply too heavy. Therefore the bass will never become boomy, the instruments sound clear and dynamic. It is easy to understand, what people sing or say. It is a more natural experience. Better sound and speed are not only a benefit for a certain kind of music, but any kind of music or sound track.

better dispersion of the sound
A smaller loudspeaker membrane has by nature a better sound dispersion than a big membrane. Therefore you do not need to sit right in front of the speakers to enjoy the sound. You will have good sound all around the room. 

easy to integrate
The System Audio loudspeakers are made to function in the acoustics of the room and even use the acoustic to their own benefit and can be placed close to the walls of the room. The co-operation between loudspeaker and amplifier is important to obtain good sound. Therefore a System Audio is a so-called ”easy load” to the amplifier of the system. In practice, this means that the loudspeakers can be used with any quality system.

"Life is too short for boring hi-fi"..Welcome to the musical world of Densen.

We may not be the largest audio manufacturer in the world, but we have a strong desire to be the best.

We are a select group of music lovers who, for the last decade, have stretched the limits of audio. We produce a select range of musical products, all of which have been designed to give you lifelong musical enjoyment.

But we do not only focus on the musical qualities of our products; in a world more and more obsessed with disposable consumer goods, we pride ourselves on making products of lasting quality and enjoyment.

Most companies seem obsessed with giving the market what everyone else gives it - we are much more occupied with making products that make a difference to the owner. Products that will result in endless hours of musical enjoyment, and be highly valued by their owners.

Having already reached this goal in the design phase our dedication to perfection is also carried over to the manufacturing phase. Here we combine state of the art manufacturing techniques with classic workmanship, thus creating a line of products of such high quality that we are not afraid of backing it with a lifelong warranty.

In any case, we hope you will find endless hours of musical enjoyment, while you discover the musical world of Densen.
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