Given that the N25 is clearly a highly accomplished streaming device, the last piece of my review was to try it with the Networks Acoustic ENO replacing the well-regarded ethernet cable. Suddenly the N25 went from being a highly enjoyable listen to a compelling one. What I will say was that using it with the N25 simply confirmed for me what an extraordinary bit of kit it is and well worth considering as a way to lift the performance of any streaming device to another level. It is clearly good enough to deserve the best connections that the user can afford.

Let me finish by returning to the front page of the N25 user manual, home to that alphabet soup of acronyms. It transpires that it is simply tech-speak for ‘this thing will sound excellent with whatever you throw at it’. At the very top of that same front page is a bright red banner, which proclaims proudly “The most advanced Network Audio Player in the world”. Clearly I have only a heard a handful of the players available so I can neither confirm or deny the claim. What I will say is that if there is a better player out there, it must be very special indeed.


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