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Denon AH-D7100, Over-Ear Headphones, Music Maniac


  • Ergonomically Perfect, Acoustically Transparent, Studio-Quality Sound
  • 50 mm Free Edge Nano Fiber Drivers
  • Tuned to a Flat EQ
  • Detachable Cable Connections
  • Real African Mahogany Wood Ear Cups

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Ergonomically Perfect, Acoustically Transparent, Studio-Quality Sound.

Denon?s Music Maniac? Artisan Headphones are the reference standard for personal listening experience by providing an ergonomically perfect, acoustically transparent, studio-quality listening experience. Featuring Denon?s 50mm Free Edge Nano Fiber driver to provide the performance of a box loudspeaker from a headphone, real African mahogany wood ear cups, and tuned to a flat EQ, these headphones deliver the best performance no matter what type of music you?re listening to. Detachable cable connections on right and left ear cups allow you to choose from one of the two cables included, or to make your own custom cable if you prefer. Denon?s patent-pending pentagonally-shaped memory foam ear pads and adjustable headband provide superior comfort, while our ball and socket ear cup design allows for 360-degree articulation for a perfect fit. An attractive, artistic desktop display stand is included for you to showcase these reference standard headphones on your desk or credenza. Further enhance your listening experience by downloading the Denon Audio app, available for Apple? iPhone?, Apple iPad? and Android? devices.

Denon headphones Sound Like You, Fit Like You, Move Like You.

Denon Headphones are engineered from the ground up to provide the best-in-class personal listening experience for your lifestyle. Denon?s line of Music Maniac? Headphones are designed to address the needs of even the most obsessive audiophiles by providing an experience that Sounds Like You?, Fits Like You and Moves Like You, so you can feel the music like never before.

Hand carved Mahogany Wood Ear Cups & Professional tuning, like a fine music instrument, deliver superior sound quality

Denon is well regarded by even the most demanding artists as a provider of high performance headphones. Our new Music Maniac Artisan Over-Ear headphones continue the tradition, by featuring hand carved real mahogany wood ear cups. The Music Maniac Artisan headphones are professionally tuned by Denon?s studio acoustic engineers to be acoustically pure. Subtle nuances that you may have not been able to enjoy while listening to your favorite song using a conventional pair of headphones become audible — like minute changes in loudness on a piano, the sound of the artist?s fingertips grazing the strings of an acoustic guitar, or the random appearance of a subtle triangle being lightly played in the background. With Denon?s Music Maniac Artisan Headphones, the finer details appear and your music is essentially reborn.

Denon?s custom-developed

50 mm Free Edge Nano Fiber Drivers maximize sound quality and efficiency:

Denon?s Heritage of 100 years in Audio & Technology is much more than just a number?.it?s a quest for the perfection of sound. Over the years we?ve developed several driver technologies and our latest technology ? Denon?s Free Edge Nano fiber Driver pushes the envelope in performance once again. Designed to provide the performance of a high end box loudspeaker from a small over ear form factor, Denon?s Free Edge Nano fiber Driver provides unprecedented sonic clarity and dynamic range from an over ear form factor.

Detachable cable connections provide for flexibility

At Denon we know that a best-in-class listening experience is all about the details. Our new Music Maniac Artisan headphones detachable cable connectors (with dedicated channels for R&L) and ship with 2 cables ? a 10 foot long 99.99999% OFC (oxygen-free) audiophile cable with a gold-plated ?? adapter jack (for in-home listening) and a 3 foot long on-the go cable with in-line remote and microphone, so you can control your Apple? iPod?, iPhone?, and/or iPad?. If you prefer to handcraft your own audiophile-grade cable for use with these headphones, feel free to do so.

Feel the Music. Not Your Headphones:

Real music aficionados get so immersed in their music that it?s easy to spend hours enjoying their favorite tunes in pristine quality. At Denon we believe you should feel the music, not your headphones. In a quest to provide the most comfortable, best fitting headphones, Denon?s engineers have studied over 4,000 pairs of ears from people around the world, to come up with a design that automatically accounts for the subtle differences in ear shape, placement, ear canal size, head size and jaw depression. We know that fit and comfort comes from paying attention to the small details. Denon?s patent-pending Pentagonally-shaped memory foam ear pads provide the ultimate in comfort for long trips, while our ball & socket ear cup design automatically articulates the ear cup 360-degrees for a custom fit. The headband is also adjustable.

Denon?s Audio App,

for iPhone, iPad or Android, enhances your experience

While many audiophiles shun listening to music on their smartphone, we realize that eventually resistance may be futile. That?s why we created the Denon Audio smartphone application. This application allows you to customize your listening experience by creating, storing, and sharing custom EQ curves and features a real-time spectrum analyzer; create and store custom playlists; enjoy over 50,000 internet radio stations worldwide via TuneIn Internet Radio service; and automatically update your Facebook/twitter status (if you?re into that sort of thing). Pair the Denon Audio app with Denon Music Maniac Headphones and get a truly enhanced audio experience from your smartphone.



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