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Denon AVC-A1H 15.4 Channel 8K Ultra HD Receiver with Wifi and HEOS (Made in Japan)


  • Unleash 15 channels of power The world’s first 15-channel AV receiver delivering up to 210W per channel.
  • Unparalleled quality and performance The largest power transformer we have ever used and new, larger capacitors make AVC-A1H respond
    quickly and dynamically to your music to reproduce audio as the artist intended.
  • The latest technologies Equipped with the latest dualcore, 1GHz digital signal processor (DSP) and the latest HDMI
    standards, the amplifier supports all 3D audio formats and 8K entertainment.
  • Hi-fi grade components
    Audiophile grade two-channel DAC for all 19 channels, hefty gold-plated speaker terminals, cast
    iron feet, and rigid construction protects against vibration and interference, greatly reducing noise
  • 8K/HDCP 2.3
    Enjoy pristine 8K picture quality on your 8K TV or projector.
    Supports both 8K pass-through and 8K upscaling of 1080p and 4K
  • High-resolution audio
    Discover the incredible fidelity of high-resolution audio tracks and
    enjoy music as the artist intended. A front USB port supports up to
    24bit/192kHz and DSD5.6 hi-res audio playback from a USB drive.
    Supported audio formats are MP3, WMA, WAV, MPEG- 4/AAC,
    FLAC, ALAC, and DSD. The same formats can be streamed via the
    network too.
  • Dolby Atmos®
    Feel every dimension in Dolby Atmos. Upgrade your home theatre
    with a 9.4.6 speaker setup to unleash a fully immersive 3D audio
    experience from Dolby Atmos content
  • DTS:X
    immersive audio content places sound where it would
    naturally occur in space, creating lifelike, multi- dimensional
  • HDMI Connectivity with ARC/eARC
    Supports the latest technology on all HDMI inputs and output.
    ARC (Audio Return Channel) or eARC (Enhanced Audio Return
    Channel) makes playing TV audio through your AV receiver simple,
    with a single HDMI connection.
  • Connection choices
    Both professionals and enthusiasts will appreciate the selection of connectivity options, like
    15.4 channel pre-outs with PreAmplifier mode, both RCA and XLR subwoofer connections, and
    integration with home automation control systems.
  • Dirac Live Upgradability
    The interaction between your sound system and the physical
    layout of your room has a huge impact on sound quality. Dirac Live®
    Room Correction applies state-of-the-art, patented algorithms
    to analyze and digitally reduce room impact and enhance
    speaker performance.
  • Subwoofer Tuning
    Four fully assignable XLR outputs can be used to connect up to four
    subwoofers, or can be assigned to FR, FL, and Center channels to
    connect external amplification
  • Next-generation gaming
    Supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Quick Frame Transport
    (QFT), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) for smooth, lag-free
    gaming experience when connected with compatible gaming
  • HEOS® Built-in
    With HEOS Built-in, your AV receiver can stream music wirelessly
    from a variety of free and premium streaming services.
  • Setup and room correction Award-winning guided Denon Setup Assistant includes the highest level of Audyssey software
    (installed) and Dirac Live upgradability (with fee).
  • Built to high standards Designed and manufactured in Denon’s state of the art manufacturing facility in Japan, where
    traditional practices fuse seamlessly with technologies designed for the future.
    HEOS® Built-In technology Stream music wirelessly to compatible HEOS-enabled components from a variety of streaming
    services. Add Denon Home speakers to more rooms and control it all with the HEOS app.
  • Over a century of innovation Founded in 1910, Denon enhances the moments that matter through the relentless pursuit of
    quality, innovation, and audio performance

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The Denon AVR-A1H is a flagship audio-video receiver designed to deliver unparalleled sound and video quality. It’s an all-in-one solution for your home theater needs, offering advanced features and capabilities that are sure to enhance your entertainment experience.

This receiver boasts impressive power, delivering up to 150 watts per channel, and supports 8K Ultra HD video with HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision compatibility. Additionally, it features advanced processing technologies and a host of connectivity options, making it a top contender in the high-end AV receiver market.


The Denon AVR-A1H is a state-of-the-art A/V receiver, known for its superior sound quality and flexible connectivity options. The receiver has a wide variety of capabilities, such as the ability to play high-quality audio in a variety of formats, room correction technology, and the ability to broadcast music to many rooms. The AVR-A1H performs superbly in every respect, providing dynamic and precise audio that improves upon the viewing experience as a whole.

Design and Build

The Denon AVR-A1H is a high-end A/V receiver that’s designed to function exceptionally well and adapt to a wide variety of settings. The receiver has a sleek, contemporary design and a classy black brushed metal finish. Weighting in at 48.5 pounds, it demonstrates the premium materials that are hallmarks of Denon’s products in terms of their sturdy and durable construction.

A powerful addition to any home theatre system, the AVR-A1H is a 9-channel receiver with a maximum power output of 150 watts per channel. The rear panel’s color-coded speaker terminals simplify speaker connections and guarantee that the right speakers are utilised for the right channels.

The Denon AVR-A1H is a state-of-the-art A/V receiver that has a beautiful and cutting-edge design. The receiver is a strong contender in the high-end audio-video receiver market due to its solid and robust construction, high-quality components, and numerous connecting choices.


If you’re looking for an audio-video receiver with premium sound quality for your home theatre, go no further than the Denon AVR-A1H. The receiver can pump out up to 150 watts per channel, which is more than enough to fill even a sizable room with rich, dynamic sound.

The AVR-superior A1H’s speaker control and sound quality are a result of the receiver’s ability to work with speakers with low impedance. Because of the receiver’s high signal-to-noise ratio, even the smallest audible nuances can be faithfully reproduced.


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