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Ecler IC8 plus 2 way inceiling loudspeake (White)


Nominal impedance: 8 Ω
RMS power: 100W
Frequency response (-6dB):50 Hz – 22 kHz
Sensitivity 1W/1m: 90 dB
External diameter: 310 mm
Internal diameter: 264.5 mm
Recommended cut out diameter: 267mm
Required depth: 120mm
Required depth with back can :200 mm
Back can diameter: 220 mm
Weight: 2 kg

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Ecler IC8+

100w Ceiling Loudspeaker

The ICPLUS series of in-ceiling speakers from ECLER integrates a careful selection of components in a design that provides high quality sound and fast installation, using a minimum of tools.

For maximum flexibility and adaptability to multiple installation profiles, the series has a metal back can and a 100V line transformer, both optional.

ICPLUS Series consists of 2 models: IC6+ and IC8+.


  • High quality in-ceiling 2-way speaker
  • Kevlar? woofer
  • Silk dome (ACCW) tweeter, ? 15? tiltable
  • NBR suspension and neodymium magnet
  • Light construction in 4 mechanical bodies
  • Fast installation system in 3 steps (frame-speaker-grill) using a minimum of tools and integrating an automatic safety pin
  • Aluminium front grill
  • Optional metal back can
  • Optional 100 V line transformer
  • Two available models:
    • IC6PLUS: 6? woofer + 1? tweeter. 75 W RMS
    • IC8PLUS: 8? woofer + 1?.tweeter. 100 W RMS

Recommended amplification

  • MPA-R multi-channel amplifiers line (low impedance or high impedance with DLA adapters)
  • NZA multi-channel amplifiers with built-in DSP and remote Ethernet management (low impedance)
  • Enviro modular system (100 V line)
  • AMPACK series
  • pKUB


  • Corporate and residential buildings
  • Commercial premises
  • Leisure centres
  • Sound reinforcement in clubs, bars, etc.
  • Health and sports centres
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • 5.1 and 7.1 surround systems
  • Auditoriums, museums


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