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Ecler MPA4 80R Multichannel Power Amplifier (Black)


4-channel, 4×78 watts

POWER 20-20kHz 1% THD

1 channel @ 4Ω 80 WRMS

1 channel @ 8Ω 50 WRMS

All Channels @ 4Ω 55 WRMS

All Channels @ 8Ω 40 WRMS

1 Bridged channel @ 8Ω (all channels driven) 117 WRMS

Frequency response (-1dB) 20Hz – 30kHz

* THD + Noise @ 1kHz Full Pwr. <0.02%

* Intermodulation distortion 50Hz & 7kHz, 4: 1 <0.02%

* TIM 100 <0.05%

* S + N / N 20Hz -20kHz @ 1W / 4Ω> 90dB

Damping factor 1kHz @ 8Ω> 160

Slew rate ± 10V / μs

* Channel crosstalk @ 1kHz> 60dB

Input Sensitivity / Impedance 0dBV /> 20kΩ

Power consumption (max out) 524VA


Dimensions: 482.6x88x391mm

Weight: 9.5kg

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Ecler MPA4-80R power amplifier

In 1998, ECLER presented its first multi-channel amplifier, the MPA280. Today, ECLER offers the most user-friendly and versatile range of multi-channel amplifiers.
The MPA-R devices are the best choice for the professional audio installer who needs unproblematic and reliable multichannel amplifiers.
The MPA-R range includes five 4 and 6 channel models with outputs between 80W RMS / 4 ohms and 410W RMS / 4 ohms, with tested and tested reliability and high flexibility thanks to the ability to connect the input channels and bridge the output channels.


  • 2 19 ” HE
  • Extended linear power supply
  • ECLER SPM technology patent pending (MPA4-150R, MPA6-150R, MPA4-400R)
  • Individual controls for input sensitivity with the possibility of sealing in order to avoid unwanted manipulation.
  • Signal presence (SP) and CLIP displays for each channel.
  • Balanced inputs via XLR jacks
  • Independent VCA remote controls for each input channel on all models above 0-10V voltage or volume remote control for wall mounting.
  • EUROBLOCK Charge and Sockets for VCA remote control
  • Silent convection cooling (MPA4-80R and MPA6-80R)
  • Low noise active ventilation (MPA4-150R, MPA6-150R and MPA4-400R). Fan system with dual slope control.
  • Fully protected against short circuits, DC at the outputs and overheating
  • Stack outputs on all models
  • Connection switch for input channels for a maximum of versatility
  • Integrated internal Butterworth high pass and low pass third order crossover (MPA4-150R, MPA6-150R, MPA4-400R) for separate path amplification

General applications for MPA-R

A reliable multi-channel solution for any application requiring the distribution of the audio signal into separate zones.

  • Parks
  • clubs
  • theme restaurants
  • Multi-purpose halls
  • conference rooms
  • Retail stores


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