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Energy Centre Speaker C-C1 (Made in Canada)(Maple)


  • Delivers clarity and resolution in spades
  • Very good frequency response on both mid and high ranges
  • Clear on music
  • Centre Speaker
  • Maple finish

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Energy Speaker Systems is part of Audio Products International Corporation which designs and manufactures three brands: Energy Speaker Systems, Mirage Loudspeakers, and Athena Technologies. API has existed for over 25 years and specializes in moderately priced (for the High End anyway) loudspeakers. The Veritas line (one of the Energy lines) is very well regarded, and the Connoisseur line attempts to bring as much of the Veritas performance level to a lower price point.

Energy’s three main design points of flat, wide bandwidth, on-axis frequency response, wide and constant dispersion, and low distortion and resonance are difficult design goals to achieve with a restricted budget. The Connoisseur speakers use a hard-dome tweeter with a smooth, flared fascia and a low resonance frequency that allows a lower crossover frequency (2 kHz), improving the performance of the woofers.

Cabinets are braced MDF with laminate vinyl veneer finish.


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