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Energy Centre Speaker C-C3 (Made In Canada)


  • Designed to facilitate many different installation options
  • Two 6.5″ Homopolymer woofers with NBR/SBR surrounds
  • Black ash finish

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The C-C3 is not just a center-channel, though it was designed to function in that application — according to Energy, it?s a “multi-purpose speaker.” What?s different about it is that Energy has added a pair of 2″ midrange drivers at 45-degree angles to the tweeter. It looked to me like an unusual design that should do interesting things for dispersion.

C-C3 is relatively large as center-channels go, but it?s not physically intrusive. In fact, I found the simple black-ash vinyl cabinet and silver front baffle quite attractive. They were equally good-looking with the grilles removed, showing off the aluminum-dome tweeter, and silver Homopolymer woofers.

Instead of the standard posts or headlocks, the grilles on the C-C3 are held on by small magnets — a small thing, but it made the grilles so easy to remove and replace that I found myself more likely to leave them off for serious listening.


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