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Energy Speaker Systems Veritas V2.3i Floorstanding Speaker (Cherry Veneer)


V2.3i Tower Speaker
The Veritas V2.3i tower speaker rocks big—even when the space is small. They?ve got all the good stuff that makes the V2.4i top dog in its class. And best of all, they look as good as they sound!

* Powerful tower speaker delivers accurate sound in a compact cabinet
* Stylish high-gloss black finish highlights any high-end audio, video system
* Deep bass from two 6.5-inch woofers
* Bone-chilling highs help you hear details you?ve never noticed before
* Fills medium to larger size rooms with music or movie soundtracks


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The Veritas V2.3i might be a little brother to the V2.4i—but you?d never know it by the huge sound. Whether you?re ready to rock out—or chill out—with your favorite movies or music, you?ll hear every note—every time.

The V2.3 has two 6.5-inch ultra-strong faceted cone Hyperdrive woofers. Our Convergent Source Module—the heart of many of our Veritas series speakers—houses the rugged aluminum tweeter and midrange in separate chambers for accurate, awesome performance. The Veritas V2.3i is up to anything you want to send its way, from film effects to heavy metal. Spot-on highs, chest-thumping lows—all coming out of amazingly cool high-gloss black cabinets—Veritas is more than maximum performance; it?s absolute musical truth.

System Type     Bass Reflex, Front Vented
Frequency Response     35-20,000Hz +/- 3dB
Nominal Impedence     8 ohms
Recommended Amplifier Power     Up to 200 watts
Components     1″ Aluminum Dome Tweeter, 2″ Aluminum Dome Midrange, 2 6-1/2″ Dual Hyperdrive Woofers
Useable Bass Response (-10db Anechoic)     29Hz
Sensitivity (anechoic)     87dB
Sensitivity (2 speakers in a typical room)     90dB
Crossover Point     300Hz, 550Hz, 2.0kHz
Operating Range     Tweeter: 2.0 kHz and >, Midrange: 550Hz-2.0kHz, Woofer 3:~ to 550Hz Woofer 2:~ to 300Hz
Overall Dimensions     H 40 3/4″ 103.5cm D 14 1/16″ 35.7cm W 8 3/4″ 22.2cm
Weight     68 lbs. / 30.6 kg
Finishes     Black high gloss
Included Accessories     Spike Kit, Rubber Bumpers


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