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JBL Bar 1000 7.1.4 Channel Atmos Soundbar with Wifi and Chromecast and 10” Wireless Subwoofer


BAR 1000 (soundbar unit)

BAR 1000 SURROUND (detachable speaker)
BAR 1000 SUB (subwoofer unit)

Sound system: 7.1.4 channel

True Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X, and MultiBeam™ surround sound
Immerse yourself in theater-quality 3D sound. With two up-firing drivers in the main bar
and two more in the detachable speakers, the JBL Bar 1000 delivers true Dolby Atmos®
and DTS:X together with MultiBeam™ for an enhanced 3D surround sound experience.
Real surround sound with detachable surround speakers
Enjoy real surround sound without the hassle of extra wires and power connections.
Just place the two detachable battery-powered surround speakers behind you and get
swept away in amazing audio.
10” wireless subwoofer
Thrilling, precise bass from a mighty 10” wireless subwoofer brings the excitement to
your action movies and the emotion to your music.
PureVoice dialogue enhancement technology
PureVoice technology uses our unique algorithm to optimize voice clarity to ensure you
never miss a word of dialogue, even when the surround effects are at their peak.
880W output power
With 880 watts of total system power the JBL Bar 1000 transforms your movies, music
and games into immersive sound experiences and pulls you into the middle of the
Built-in Wi-Fi with AirPlay, Alexa Multi-Room Music and Chromecast built-in™
Get ready to explore. Access over 300 online music streaming services through AirPlay,
Alexa MRM and Chromecast built-in™. Enjoy all of your favorite audio content, Internet
radio, and podcasts in high definition. The Wi-Fi connection also allows automatic
software updates, so you can always enjoy the latest features.
Works with voice assistant-enabled speakers
Simply link the JBL Bar 1000 with your voice assistant-enabled device and you can
instantly ask Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri to stream all your favorite music to the
HDMI eARC with 4K Dolby Vision pass-through
Enjoy uncompressed Dolby Atmos surround sound through a single HDMI cable thanks
to the HDMI eARC connection. The three HDMI input connections also offers 4K video
quality from a compatible video player or gaming console.
Easy sound calibration
Every room is different. Our calibration feature ensures that the JBL Bar 1000 delivers
the best 3D surround effects for any interior and room layout.
JBL One App
Customize EQ and control all of your compatible speakers with a single convenient app.
The JBL One app helps you easily set up the soundbar, personalize settings, and browse
the integrated music services to find your new favorite song

  • Total speaker power output (Max @THD 1%): 880W
  • Soundbar output power (Max @THD 1%): 440W
  • Surround speaker output power (Max @THD 1%): 2x 70W
  • Subwoofer output power (Max @THD 1%): 300 W
  • HDMI video input: 3
  • HDMI video output (with Enhanced Audio Return Channel, eARC): 1
  • Main soundbar dimensions (W x H x D): 884 x 56 x 125 mm / 34.8” x 2.2” x 4.9”
  • Detachable surround speaker dimensions (each) (W x H x D): 155 x 56 x 125 mm /
  • 6.1” x 2.2” x 4.9”
  • Subwoofer dimensions (W x H x D): 305 x 440.4 x 305 mm / 12” x 17.3” x 12”
  • Soundbar weight: 3.7 kg / 8.2 lbs
  • Detachable surround speaker weight (each): 0.7kg / 1.55 lbs
  • Subwoofer weight: 10 kg / 22 lbs
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JBL Bar 1000 the flagship of four new Dolby Atmos® JBL® soundbars


Experience movies, music and games with sound that puts you right in the middle of the action, thanks to 880W of total output power and thunderous bass from the 10” subwoofer. The JBL Bar Pro 1000 has MultiBeam™ and four up-firing drivers—two in the bar and two in the detachable battery-powered surround speakers—to envelop you in a sphere of Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X 3D surround sound with a wide, spacious soundstage with no need to draw extra cables. You’ll never miss a word with our PureVoice technology, which makes sure the dialogue is clear even when other sounds are at their loudest. When you’re ready for some music, stream your favorite playlist from AirPlay, Alexa Multi-Room Music (MRM), and Chromecast built-in™and it’ll feel like the band is right there. Have a great night out without leaving your living room.

The JBL Bar 1000 is a premium Dolby Atmos soundbar with many premium sound enhancement tools like room correction. It stands out, thanks to its detachable rear speakers, which let you remove the ends of the bar to place the satellites in the room around you. You have fewer wires in your setup as a result, though you'll have to recharge the satellites every once in a while. It has some extra features compared to the JBL Bar 9.1, including dialogue enhancement and Spotify Connect support.


The JBL Bar 1000 is a premium 7.1.4 setup. Like the JBL Bar 9.1, it stands out from the crowd thanks to its unique satellites, which you can attach and remove from the bar based on your preferences. Since they're truly wireless, you can set them up anywhere without worrying about plugging them into an outlet. 

As for connectivity, you have Wi-Fi for Apple AirPlay, Google Chromecast, and Alexa MRM. Bluetooth is also supported, but with the lower quality SBC codec, so you should only use it sparingly. You can also connect to your TV with either optical or HDMI. The higher quality eARC standard is supported, meaning it can bind and convert uncompressed Dolby Atmos data. Finally, there are three HDMI inputs, two of which are HDMI 2.1, allowing for 4K 120Hz pass-through for modern consoles.


The JBL Bar 1000 Pro is a sleek and stylish piece of equipment. Its slender profile fits perfectly in front of most TVs without blocking your view. The two detachable speakers can be removed from the central soundbar unit and feature magnetic cover clasps. As for battery life, you can expect around 10 hours on a single charge. The speakers can be charged via USB Type-C inputs, taking approximately 3-4 hours to recharge. Alternatively, you can plug them into the soundbar unit and charge them in standby mode.


The JBL soundbar 1000 offers an immersive surround sound experience for movies and music. It comes packed with MultiBeam technology and has an easy calibration option for the best audio performance. 

The sound was expansive and well-distributed across the TV, with the rear speakers also providing a prominent role. The sound reflection was fascinating, creating a sense of sounds coming from nearby. The result was a precise and robust surround sound experience, surpassing the capabilities of most high-end soundbars.


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