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Myryad MXD4000 Digital PRE-AMP Processor (Black)


  • Inputs: 6 Stereo analogue, 4 Digital only (plus video if assigned)
  • Inputs: 7.1 Multi-channel analogue (pure analogue bypass)
  • Inputs: 8 Digital (4 coax, 4 optical) – each assignable to any of 10 inputs
  • Inputs: 6 Composite video – each assignable to any of 10 inputs
  • Inputs: 4 S-Video – each assignable to any of 10 inputs
  • Inputs: 3 Component video – assignable to any of 10 inputs
  • Inputs: 3 HDMI digital video – each assignable to any of 10 inputs
  • Outputs: 1 Stereo tape record, 1 Stereo Zone B
  • Outputs: 7.1 Multi-channel analogue line outputs, 1 Digital (optical)
  • Outputs: 4 S-Video, 3 Composite video, 1 Composite video Zone B
  • Outputs: 1 Component video (with OSD), 1 HDMI digital video (without OSD)
  • Other: 2 My-Link input/output, 3 12V DC trigger outputs
  • Other: 1 RS-232 control input, 2 IR inputs – Xantech compatible
  • Processing capability: Dolby1 Digital, Dolby Digital EX, DTS2, DTS 96/24
  • Processing capability: DTS-ES Matrix 6.1, DTS Neo:6 (Cinema and Music)
  • Processing capability: DTS-ES Discrete 6.1, Dolby Pro Logic
  • Processing capability: Dolby Pro Logic II/IIx (Music and Movie)
  • Processing capability: Surround 6.1, Synthesised surround modes
  • Processing capability: Dolby “late night” compression
  • Processing capability: bass management modes, Stereo, Cinema Eq
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 436 x 95 x 343mm
  • Weight (net): 7.0 kg
  • Finishes : Satin Black fascia with Black casing

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Myryad MXD4000 is, perhaps, the most weighted on the price-performance ratio in the MX line. Its functional equipment will satisfy most of the requests of the advanced user, and the excellent sound is guaranteed by the whole long history of the brand in the field of elite audio.

The video output of the device provides the possibility of an upward conversion of a composite signal into S-Video, and the last of the mentioned ones into a component one. Despite the presence of digital HDMI inputs, the monitor should be connected in an analogue way to work with the on-screen menu, which is generally not a big problem.

The modes of spatial decomposition of a two-channel audio signal have several user-adjustable settings (pan, center, and scale), and during the initial calibration of the processor, you can set the volume, speaker size, distance from them to the listening position, LFE level, and adjust the timbres.

Myryad MXD4000 is able to broadcast two-channel audio and composite video signals to the second zone. Integration into a multi-room installation is carried out using the RS-232 port and the outputs of 12-volt triggers.

The processor is equipped with a universal learning remote control with LCD display.

This dandy

Myryad MXD4000 can rightfully be called a “true preamplifier”, because with both roles it copes without the slightest compromise. In the cinema you only have to enjoy the surround sound picture – since the device takes care of selecting the optimal processing mode, and everything that is required from the user, do not forget to switch the input selector to the desired source. The Myryad MXD4000’s sound in multichannel mode (in mods whose settings are automatically configured) is distinguished by an emphasized overall scale and enlarged image sizes. Any battle scene acquires the character of an episode of the Galactic War, and it is recommended to watch movies-catastrophes with a decent supply of diapers at hand. However, the lyrical fragments are by no means subjected to vulgar coarsening,

But still the true horse Myryad MXD4000 is a two-channel mode, where we, like good friends, greet the well-known branded sound handwriting. A warm gamut of overtones that can crunch friable copper if necessary, or hit them with sharp attacks of bass points, seems to live in harmony with the musical material, forming a single whole with it.

For such a careful attitude to the listener processor can be forgiven even the lack of an auto-calibration module, especially since this will be the only reproach against the device.

Do not choke the song

Unlike its long-standing predecessors, with which it was possible to boldly nail the nails, Myryad MXD4000 got the top panel, which is almost completely covered with ventilation holes, and therefore the interior of the device became very vulnerable to moisture, dust and other extraneous things. To avoid frustration when using the processor, as much as possible to protect it from harmful effects.


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