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Myryad MXP 2000 Stereo Pre Amplifier (Black)


  • Inputs: Line Direct, Tape, CD-R, CD, Tuner, TV, DVD, Aux
  • Input sensitivity (ref.1V output): 360mV (user trimmable 180-720mV)
  • Signal/Noise ratio: (A-weighted, ref 1V): >100dB
  • Frequency response: (20Hz – 20kHz) ±0.2dB (-1dB @ 96kHz)
  • Maximum output level: >8V
  • THD: (1kHz, 1V output) 0.003% typical
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 436 x 95 x 343mm
  • Weight (net): 7.0 kg
  • Finishes : Satin Black fascia with Black casing

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The Myryad MXP2000 Stereo Preamplifier is a superb piece of engineering – effortlessly reproducing an incredible sound, fused with a fantastic sleek design.

An amplifer with a 1 year warranty, made in UK !!!!

The Myryad MXP2000 Stereo Preamplifier has been designed to deliver a combination of high quality sound reproduction and elegant styling. The MXP2000 can accept up to eight line­level input sources, including two tape recorders. Two pairs of line outputs are provided to feed one or two stereo power amplifiers. All functions can be operated using the infra­red remote control handset supplied. This remote can also control Myryad CD players, Tuners and DVD players.

    • MXP2000/MXA2150 WHAT HI-FI? 4 STARS JUL ’04


    • This is one of the most talented amplifier combinations below £3,000… The MXP2000/MXA2150 pairing can deliver huge dynamic swings effortlessly, bludgeoning speakers into submission with an ease that makes the 150 watt rating seem conservative. Love Holst’s Mars? Wait till you hear it with this Myryad pairing in full flow, teamed with suitably capable source and speakers. And it’s not just dynamics that impress, there’s detail and drive, too. The tonal balance is a bit lean at the bass end, which emphasises the speed and articulation in the lower ranges; rarely do we come across an amp with so much grip in this region.




  • Outstanding immediacy and pace… Myryad’s well conceived, beautifully realised designs have impressed consistently since the company was started in 1995…In use the pre-amp is a delight…This combination evinces a sense of complete control, with as near perfect transparency as I have heard…Few amplifiers are quite this cogent right across the spectrum, the bass fabulously well articulated (tight, secure, responsive), the midrange delicately portrayed, the top end wide open but with a winning confidence in sibilant detail…It’s the sort of sound intuition tells you is true before you start to analyse it. There are no loose ends. Pick a naturally miked recording and you know from the start that the ‘feel’ of the image and its surrounding acoustic marry properly, you hear the natural decay of a big final chord remain perfectly focused as it dissolves into the acoustic. Many competing designs falter at the last, as the signal becomes inseparable from the residual system noise. Here the background is pitch black…Outstanding immediacy and pace make this combination the master of dynamic rock and pop, and the drive capabilities of the power amp made light of several speakers I had to hand…If I had to choose one word to sum up these units I’d opt for ‘finesse’!…Rarely have I experienced an amplifier combination that so consistently combines delicacy and muscle to such notable effect.


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