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ProAc Bookshelf Speaker Response DB1 (Cherry)


  • Long-throw bass driver
  • High-density MDF and black coal restraining boards are used so undesirable resonance is significantly reduced
  • Silk dome tweeter
  • Newly developed crossover
  • Impressive bass reproduction considering it’s only a small bookshelf speaker
  • Made In England

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With the new Response DB1, ProAc has set out to produce a small speaker with a quality of sound normally associated with larger speakers, particularly in the bass response

A Smaller Build

Although this type of speaker can be accurate and sound better in some areas than some larger loudspeakers, the Achilles? heel of a small loudspeaker is its bass extension and the size of the sound stage. A big loudspeaker can produce low octaves and exhibit a large sound stage, ideal for large orchestral works and high-level rock however they can dominate the room visually.

Resonance Control

The DB1 cabinet is slightly larger than the previous D1 model, and is made from different thicknesses of high-density MDF and utilises bituminous damping panels to control cabinet resonances. A newly designed long throw bass driver with raised spider and linear motor system has been incorporated in a rear ported cabinet. The mid/bass driver cone is manufactured from carbon mixed pulp that is then elastic coated and fitted with our ProAc acrylic pole damping phase plug.

Superb Performance

The new high-quality crossover has been designed to produce a flatter response at high sound levels and the tweeter is a ProAc 1? silk dome similar to that used in the highly successful ProAc Response D2. The result is superb midrange and high-frequency reproduction and in the classic ProAc tradition, low colouration and impressive detail. The new driver produces a wonderful bass quality that is both punchy, extended and in some ways, reminiscent of a larger loudspeaker.


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