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Supra Digital Interconnect ZAC-TOSLINK 2m(Made in Sweden)


The Supra ZAC plastic fibre core features the following benefits:

  • Low weight – Low bending force and easy cable strain relief
  • High band width, garanteed for 32 bit/384 kHz! – Headroom for comming digital studio-like formats
  • Interference immune – does not react on magnetic, electro magnetic or electrical noise fields
  • No radiation – does not radiate harmful noise fields
  • Immune to householdelectricity – does not add any noiselike in many electrical signal transmissions
  • Complete galvanic isolation – Allows for interconnections between devices with separate earth potentials and phase, e.g. computer, TV and home cinema

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Supra ZAC Fibre Optic Interconnect

Supra ZAC TosLinkshort forToshibaLink.This combination optical fibre is very often used between numerous digital sources, DAC converters, TV’s and home cinema receivers.

Technical Info

Mechanical Specifications

Contact standard Digital optic TosLink plug <?> TosLink plug
Optical fibre High-end age resistant plastic core
Optical fibre tip polish 3-Step patented process
Connector fixing Spring loaded clamp in opposite chassis connector
Cable clamping & strain relief Molded / Bending protected / great fit to TosLink standard


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