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Supra Mains Filters DC-Blocker MD-01-16-BS with Supra Lorad 2.5 SPC 1.5m (Made in Sweden)


Features and benefits

  • Removes DC from AC mains – Silence noise floor substantially
  • Tighter bass reproduction – Outstanding beat from drums, bass and percussion
  • Reduces transformer hum – No irritating noise from the devices
  • Reduces power supply heat dissapation – May prolong life span
  • Filters up to 3.6 VDC – Added capacity for future demands
  • No dampened dynamics – Audible true dynamics
  • Correct reference voltage – Substantially reduced harshness from DAC chips
  • Made in Sweden! – According to Supra Cables No-Nonsense strategy

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Supra LoRad MD01-16-BS MK 3.1 – DC Blocker for Mains AC

Now, Supra Cables has taken yet another step to minimize the impact from malicious elements superimposed on the mains AC (Alternating Current)in most modern households.

DC voltage derives from a number of modern electrical appliances and will cause an offset on to the alternating mains power sine waves. This offset is the result of an electrical symmetry that do not equally load the AC positive and negative sine wave. In the ideal mains power supply there should be no DC-offset at all. Refer to figure below.

This DC offset limits the power supply efficiency in most multimedia and hifi equipment and causes transformers to saturate (iron core saturation) already at low level of DC voltage. The transformer DC resistance is close to zero, why the current will be quite substantial even though a DC voltage at between 0.5 and 2 Volt does not seem alarming in any way. It increases iron core and conductor winding heat build-up and may even cause transformers to sound (vibrate) with a humming noise. Eliminating DC off-set may thus prolong life of the equipment by means of preventing excessive heat and remove physical wear of the winding insulating enamel. The sonic impact is in most cases quite dramatic and again it will scale off audible sounds not belonging to the recording. You will hence listen and/or watch the actual recording instead of any mains power irregularities.

Again Supra Cables is leading the way by offering a very efficient DC-blocker stopping DC up to 3.6Volt making it future proof also for next generations of electrical consumers causing mains power DC-offset. It is very easy to add-on to your existing power feed. It does not require protective ground to operate, but we strongly recommend it for a number of other reasons, such as shielding against RFI, an equally malicious audio destroyer. Your equipment will sound much better and all other Supra mains power devices in the LoRad product range will operate under better conditions.

Again Supra Cables have launched a product that compared to the properties and performance costs a fraction. We do not spend on bling, just bang for the buck. Our No-Nonsense strategy means that virtually every hifi enthusiast will be able to afford a Supra Cable LoRad Product, protecting the precious HiFi gear against audible degradation.

It is rated 16 Ampere and consequently allows for 3,680 Watt of peak power. The connection cord is optional and we recommend our Supra Lorad Mains Cord rated for 16 Ampere for optimal operation. Note that the DC-blocker input socket is an IEC 320 rated 16 Ampere.




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