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Supra Subwoofer Interconnects SubLink 1RCA-1RCA 2m(Made in Sweden)


Features and benefits

  • Shielding – very silent from noise and microphony
  • Easy to install – fits also perfect in conduits
  • Low capacitance – Allows for bass pulse without flattening or slowing down
  • Robust connectors – Noise immune and gold plated for a long service life
  • Made in Sweden!

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Supra Sublink RCA – Single Channel Sub-Woofer Cable

For single channel connection between e.g. a receiver and an active sub-woofer (often called LFE channel = Low Frequency Effects). Supra Sublinks low capacitance and high noise interference immunity make longer cable routing possible, which most often is the case for sub-woofer connections. Further the low capacitance allow bass pulse build-up without flattening or slow down, the really desirable property of an excellent hifi sub-woofer sound.


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