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Supra Subwoofer Interconnects YLink 1RCA-2RCA 2m(Made in Sweden)


Features and benefits

  • Shielding – very silent from noise and microphony
  • Easy to install – fits also perfect in conduits
  • Low capacitance – Allows for bass pulse without flattening or slowing down
  • Robust connectors – Noise immune and gold plated for a long service life
  • Made in  Sweden!

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Supra Sublink RCA

Supra Y-Link Sub-Woofer Cable – Splitssingel channel sub-woofer output to two mono inputs


  • The Y-Link does not provide stereo sound, it splits only the mono LFE (single) channel to double mono inputs.


  • Using the Y-Link in any way to sum stereo (2) channelsto mono is potentially dangerous to your pre-amplifier/receiver/ampifierand we strongly advice not to use the Y-Link this way. Supra Cables do not cover any damages.
  • Some devices input impedance are too low to be suitable to share the same single output signal. The result will in the best situation only deteriorate the sound especially when playing louder. There is a risc, however, that the output amplifier stage from the mono source to be splitted,may not be able to drive the resulting lower impedance and may in worst case over-heat and break. Read carefully the devices manuals or ask the manufacturerto determine whether it is possible to split the mono output signal into two input stages.



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