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System Audio SA Saxo 1 , Bookshelf Speaker (High Gloss White)


System type 2-way
Enclosure type Bass-reflex
Frequency response ± 3dB 60 – 25000 Hz
Nominal impedance 4 – 8 Ohm
Amplifier Requirements 30 – 120 W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 86 dB
Tweeter 25 mm (1 in.)
Woofer 101 mm (4 in.)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 250 x 130 x 200 mm / 9.84 x 5.12 x 7.87 in.
Weight 3.1 kg / 6.82 lbs.

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Saxo series was created by Danes especially for thrifty fans of music and movie, being not ready (yet) to invest in the system big money. Despite to this, the same principles are used in Saxo 1 as in more advanced models of the company. The monitors are differed by the body with wonderful by quality finish, in which there is a pair of high-class drivers. Woofer’s caliber is small (10 cm), but due to the long-stroke paper diffuser it is able to move a decent amount of air. The tweeter looks a bit unusually for System Audio – a soft inch dome made of impregnated fabric is enclosed in a special DXT horn, significantly expanding a polar pattern. According to the developers, due to such solution System Audio Saxo 1 can provide continuous sound field at almost any point of a room.

The systems have a transparent sound with accurate attack and natural timbres. We can especially note a high detailing in the entire working band, but the highest sound resolution is at high frequencies.

Tonal balance of the monitors is slightly shifted in high-frequency area, but this doesn’t have radical influence on the perception of sound picture. System Audio Saxo 1 are not very strong in the playing of deep bass – they need help of a well-chosen subwoofer. You should be also careful with volume level – at high levels woofer may overload. Sound stage is built in the corporate style, with accurate localization of sources and maximal scale of the space.


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