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Thorens TD 206 Turntable (High Gloss Black)


Technical specifications

Function:  Manual
Drive:  Flat belt (internal)
Motor:  electronically controlled DC motor
Speeds:  33-1 / 3, 45 rpm
Switching:  electronic
Turntable:  12 “/ 0.9 kg (aluminum / acrylic glass)   Tone
arm: THORENS® TP 90
Pickup:  THORENS® TAS 267
Anti-Skating:  Magnet  Limit switch
Power supply:  external power adapter, 12 V DC / AC, min. 6 W
Dimensions:  475 x 125 x 370 mm (W x H x D)
Weight:  5.6 kg
Versions: MDF lacquered in red, black or white (high gloss)

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Enjoyment of music at the highest level 

TD 206 and TD 209 are the little brothers of the revolutionary multi-award winning TD 309 . But they do not have to hide from their role model. Both models use only high quality materials and components. The technology takes numerous borrowings from the TD 309, guaranteeing analog music enjoyment at the highest level.

test summary

The TD206 works out a plethora of details that otherwise often disappear under a “veil” of resonances and occlusions. This Thorens you notice the development effort that is in the entire series – by accessing a huge fund already existing components and smart (but not expensive) detail solutions, such a spin can then be offered really value for money – alone the excellent tonearm is already worth every penny. –


Partly responsible for the brilliant sound is certainly the newly developed tonearm TP 90 based on the proven TP 92. It uses like this extremely low-friction high-performance bearings and an innovative magnetic anti-skating system with zero static friction. The tonearm tube is made of rolled aluminum, which is dampened using RMR technology. At its end is a double decoupled counterweight made of stainless steel. Tonearm height, azimuth and overhang are customizable.

Chassis & feet

The chassis of TD 206 and TD 209 is a piece of precision milled MDF that has excellent acoustical properties and allows minimal manufacturing tolerances. The height-adjustable feet ensure a secure and horizontal position. They can be easily adjusted from above

Turntable & drive

The TD 206 and TD 209 use a two-piece turntable made of aluminum and acrylic glass. The high-quality drive unit comes from the TD 309 and allows adjustment of the belt tension as well as an electronic fine adjustment of the speed. The electronically controlled DC motor transmits its power with the help of a flat belt to the subtable and turntable.


• Electronically controlled silent low-voltage DC motor
• Adjustable belt tension for optimum tuning
• Two-piece turntable made of aluminum and acrylic glass
• New tonearm TP 90 with precision bearings from Japan
• VTA, azimuth and overhang adaptable
• Switching electronically for speed (33-1 / 3, 45 Rpm)
• Made in Germany


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